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Essay writing sample on “International Social Work and Social Development in Tunisia”

Posted on 10 Apr'13 in Uncategorized

Methods used by Social Development

There is a different kind of methods that were used in this Social Development to Jewish Community in Tunisia. The first method is the use of a social development group which was used in this study. Through having a group there will be levels of interactions that will be set up by the group where each member of the group is required to perform a certain role. Due to the different activities to be performed by the group, they would be easier if the whole group came together in order to achieve the desirable goals.

The other method used is the community organization. This method involved the creation of a progressive method that enables each group in the group to be able to help the whole organization. Any adjustments that are to be made to the community in relation to the whole process of understanding the social and the cultural set up the community are done under this method.

The other method used is social action. This method involves looking at the possible social problems that the community faces. From these problems then possible solutions can be derived through having of social welfare research which would help in the research for the community in order for it to yield better products for the future generations.

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Cases Social Work Faced

The kind of cases that mainly were faced from the community was in relation to the religious differences. Most of the people that live in Tunisia are Muslims are therefore the Jews practicing Judaism are among the minority along with the Christian community in the country.

The other case that came up was in relation to the family set up. The man who is the leader of the family had much say on how they expected their family to conduct themselves. The practices of the community though relate mainly to the practices of other Jewish communities which are borrowed from the different religious books.

The group work was based on the difference in the cultures and the different perspective of things among people who are from different walks of life. This helped the group come up with suggestions that would help in empowering of this community and also help the community to appreciate their culture more. Although the Jewish community in Tunisia is among the minority they had to be empowered to know that they are not inferior but they are different.

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