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“Express Entry” to Canada in 2015 for Skilled Immigrants

Posted on 25 Apr'14 Tags: , , , in Canada and US Immigration

Remodelling of Canada’s immigration system continues and from January 2015 the new recruitment model for economic immigration called “Express Entry” would offer a much quicker path to Canadian permanent residence.

Canada’s Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announced that the new system will “revolutionize the way we attract skilled immigrants, and get them working here faster.”

Under the new system skilled workers would be able to submit their applications expressing their interest in coming to Canada. The government as well as the employers would be able to identify candidates who may meet their labour needs. Once a match is identified an Express Entry could be offered to the candidates in one of the four categories: the Federal skilled workers, the Federal skilled trades, the Canadian experience class, or the Provincial Nominee Program.

Canadian employers would be able to bring foreign workers through the Express Entry system on permanent basis as immigrants. “You can bring your labour market opinion, your job offer, to the Express Entry system and ensure that the person you need comes to Canada as an immigrant, not as a temporary foreign worker. Not as someone who is here with an uncertain future and likely to go back, but as a full immigrant to Canada,” the Minister said.

Candidates who have a job offer or have been nominated by a province or territory for immigration will receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence.

The new model will make it easier for the Canadian employers to find qualified candidates and the government would be able to select new economic immigrants who are most likely to succeed in Canada. The application processing time is also likely to be reduced to six months or less after the invitation to apply for permanent residence.

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