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What steps must I go through to claim accident benefits?

Posted on 02 Feb'13 in
  • Notify your insurer within 7 days after the accident.
  • Complete the application forms that your insurer sends you within 30 days.
  • If your insurer requests it, you must provide the following information within 14 days:
    • Medical records.
    • A sworn statement as to the events of the accident.
  • If your insurer requires, you must:
    • Submit a disability certificate within 21 days.
    • Attend a medical examination.
    • Attend an examination under oath where your insurer will ask you questions. It is strongly recommended that your lawyer represent you at the meeting.
  • If your benefit is denied, you may be required to attend a Designated Assessment Centre (DAC) for additional medical examinations
  • If you wish to dispute your insurer’s benefit decision, there is a dispute resolution process that you must go through.

The insurance process can be complicated and includes specific time limits that must be met. During your consultation with Mann Law, we will help you to fill out the insurance forms and make sure they are submitted on time so that your benefits are not delayed or denied.

Disclaimer: The above article is not a legal opinion as every case is different and is only for general awareness. Please contact us for specific questions and legal advise.