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Immigration News: “38 Professions and more!”

Posted on 06 Nov'09 in Canada and US Immigration

What is the meaning of Dual Intention? Are their only 38 professions for immigration to Canada? Mann Law provides answers on these matters..

New initiatives by the Canadian Government have made it easier to make Canada your home. Citizenship and Immigration Canada speaks of the options and the programs available for immigration to Canada however with so many programs and categories, sometimes people get confused.

We receive several calls every week to ask what dual intention means. It means that a person who has a permanent immigration application in process can also make an application for temporary resident visa under a different program while the permanent immigration application is pending. Another question that keeps coming up is with regards to the 38 professions/skills for immigration applications filed on or after February 27, 2008. People usually think that these 38 occupations are the only options available but this is not the case. You are still eligible if you do not fall in the 38 listed occupations and there are more than 100 such occupations under which you may apply.

The scope of this article does not allow us to print all the occupations or professions however some of the skills that are not too common are as below. There are many more skills/professions.

Clerical Supervisors, Administrative Officers, Personnel and Recruiting Officers, Bookkeepers, Loan Officers, Insurance Underwriters, Secretaries, Technical Occupations, Executive Housekeepers, Cleaning Supervisors, Chefs, Cooks and many more for senior or junior positions.

Generally speaking you could qualify for immigration if you fall under one of the categories, there are however other consideration like.

· Are you currently inside or outside Canada
· If your experience falls under or does not fall under one of the 38 professions / occupations mentioned on CIC website
· Do you have or not have a job offer in Canada
· Are you are a student, visitor or working in Canada for one year
· Do you fall under one of the Provincial Nominee programs offered by one of the provinces or Quebec.
· Do you fall under a Refugee Program
· Do you have family in Canada
· Do you fall under an investor, entrepreneur or self-employed program.

We have practiced Immigration Law for over 20 years and continue to guide clients in Canada and abroad in visa and immigration matters. Some changes in policies have been very useful for students and temporary residents living in Canada while others have benefitted family members or potential employees abroad. There are also several options for those in USA as students (F1, J1 visas), temporary workers (H1, H2, and H3 visas) and other categories. Mann Law assists clients for both US and Canadian Visas and Immigration. Our expertise includes business, travel or work visas to United States. We could also assist you in permanent residency for US.

Why Mann Law?
To get the right advice and direction you just need to make the right decision! A reputed, experienced, reliable law firm, like ‘Mann Law’ could be a good option. Think it over! Success in any immigration matter depends upon the merits and how your lawyer presents them and what is his or her experience. A law firm like Mann Law will be with you ‘all the way’ in your immigration and visa matters, be it a matter of filing an immigration application or handling your appeal case before the Appeal Division or in the Federal Court.

Please note that at Mann Law we deal with US and NAFTA matters as well as Canadian Immigration and Visa Law!

Please feel free to contact us at the information below for an appointment, if you have any questions. We will be more than glad to assist you.

Disclaimer: The above article is not a legal opinion as every case is different and is only for general awareness. Please contact us for specific questions and legal advise.

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Disclaimer: The above article is not a legal opinion as every case is different and is only for general awareness. Please contact us for specific questions and legal advise.